Buncombe County Schools is North Carolina's 11th largest school system and the largest district in the western part of the state. BCS received a grant totaling $1 million for the development of a new science, technology, engineering and math-themed high school.

The architecture for the project was inspired by the hi-tech, cutting edge offices of Google, Microsoft, the Idea Center, Facebook and others identified by the Steering Committee. Unfortunately, the project budget didn’t compare to those highly successful corporations. So the challenge was to present an “edgy” environment that would be both inspirational and supportive of students and staff and also hi-tech in feel and function.



The building design incorporated a multipurpose ‘minitorium’ enabling the facility to house lectures, meetings, workshops and performances. Working closely with the North Carolina dealer Learning Environments, we produced a solution that accommodated 207 seats over 11 rows of telescopic seating on power operated TP platforms.  The flush rear deck also included a walkway against the back wall and had to be custom engineered to fit around two exposed support columns. The nose mount Arts chair was the specified seating type, chosen for its outstanding levels of comfort and high specification finish. The end result is a spectacular space that can accommodate a host of events and functions.



Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: ARTS