Bleacher Seating Solutions  

Multipurpose indoor athletic venues such as university and school sports halls demand seating solutions with maximum flexibility, reliability and value. Our retractable telescopic bleachers can be configured to fit any sporting venue. Telescopic bleachers let you quickly and easily create custom bleacher seats for every event.


Our telescopic bleachers can be completely customised to enhance your indoor bleacher seating. Portable, freestanding retractable bleacher seating units are also available. Our telescopic bleachers can even close into recessed banks of bleachers—ideal for fitting more bleacher seats under balconies or mezzanines.


Configurable and flexible, telescopic bleacher seats offer maximised floor space and make the most of your venue’s seating budget.  


At Hussey Seatway we have developed and installed custom seating systems for clients all over the world.


We pride ourselves on providing the right solutions for our clients requirements and work closely with them to do just that.


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