The Library of Birmingham - £188.8m renovation

The library underwent a £188.8m construction renovation in 2013 with the adjoining Repertory Theatre in Centenary Square. The development created a more accessible and welcoming environment for people visiting the two cultural venues.


Hussey Seatway engineered a distinctive seating solution that provided 229 seat places over eight tiered retractable platforms. Bespoke ‘row zero’ chairs were installed featuring two stabilising wheels, allowing sections of seats to easily be removed for wheelchair access or other configurations. The custom design featured American Black Walnut veneered fascia boards to allow the closed seating system to seamlessly blend with the room’s dramatic, wood-panelled walls. Hussey Seatway also custom engineered a unique seating solution for the orchestra pit. The pit features removable seating frames that can be used elsewhere in the studio without fixings and can also be configured as an integral part of the pit lift. The added functionality of electronic partial opening allows for flexible seating arrangements, as required. The high specification Gallery Extra chairs, distinctive aisle lights and integral side rails, give the finished seating solution a true theatre feel and appealing, contemporary look.