A day in a palace - Hussey Seatway the king of retractable seating

We were delighted to attend the ABTT Theatre Show at Alexandra Palace last week.  


Our stand received lots of attention as we are participating in the restoration of the east wing, providing both fixed and retractable seating to the stalls and the balcony.  With incredible artwork on our stand of the current stage of the build and artists impressions of the finished result (kindly provided to us by the architects Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios) visitors were very interested.


Luke Windsor (Sales Manager) and Joanna Palmer (Marketing Manager) we very privileged to visit the site, under the guidance of Wilmott Dixon, the main contractor.   So fantastic to see the theatre taking shape.  Stunning use of an unused space high on the hill, north of London with sweeping views of the capital and all it's London financial district landmarks. 

In addition to restoring the ceiling, Wilmott Dixon are lifting up the entire floor, which is being levelled and then all of the 1,200 original floorboards have just been re-laid.  Our guide told us it was 'London's largest jigsaw puzzle'!!

This East Wing overlooks central London, but the BBC’s construction team bricked up the windows inside the arches in the 1930s to improve the sound levels!  These bricks are being removed and around 2,000 of the bricks will be reclaimed and used elsewhere on the job as part of a recycling exercise.

There are many ways that you can support this incredible build, see here for more details http://www.alexandrapalace.com/support-us/