Retractable, Telescopic and Bleacher Seating Solutions  

Hussey Seatway are UK specialists in the design and manufacture of retractable seating for Education, Sport and Theatre. Our retractable seating units (also referred to as telescopic, bleacher, or raked seating) create an area of tiered seating that enhances sightlines, improves audience comfort and maximises capacity whatever the event. Our retractable auditorium seating systems are designed to be efficiently closed away, manually or electronically, providing the end user with a multipurpose space.  Trusted at venues throughout the world, we offer an expert service to ensure the optimum seating solution is achieved for each customer.

Hussey Seatway retractable platforms are available with a range of accompanying folding chairs and benches. Our retractable seating products are manufactured using high quality components, ensuring exceptional levels of finish and enabling them to perform in the most demanding audience seating environments. 




We offer two ranges of retractable platform systems that are ideal for a variety of multipurpose facilities including leisure centres, universities, conference centres and schools. The retractable, tiered seating units are designed to meet relevant industry standards and international codes; ensuring safety, reliability, maximum performance which all lead to low lifetime costs.

Maxam Retractable Platforms

Maximise both indoor audience seating and gymnasium floor space with Maxam telescopic bleachers. This range of retractable platform is a popular seating choice for sports facilities and school halls due to its combination of durability, ease of operation and low capital cost. The bleacher seating system is available in a variety of widths, row rises and row depths to meet the seating requirements for a multitude of applications.

Featuring a traditional bolted together platform construction, the smooth and efficient retractable operation enables the raked seating platforms to be deployed within seconds, making it the perfect school hall seating choice. All supporting columns are fitted with a robust automatic row to row locking system which is featured as standard on both manually and electronically operated tiered seating units.

Need to move beyond wall attached bleacher seating? Add Maxam mobile, freestanding or travelling retractable seating units to enhance your telescopic seating plan.

Download Maxam Telescopic Platform product sheet for further information

Seatway TP Retractable Platforms

A premium, high performance, retractable (telescopic) seating system that is custom engineered to suit specific spaces and design concepts leading to flexible seating configurations. Seatway TP retractable platforms have been developed in the UK specifically for use in facilities such as performing arts centres, theatres and school auditoriums where a more solid feel to the structure is required and where full theatre folding chairs need to be installed.

The innovative spaceframe concept behind the TP retractable system features a fully welded platform structure rather than a set of bolted together components. The product is manufactured in the UK and has become the international acknowledged method for producing high performance retractable seating systems. All telescopic platforms are manufactured to order therefore unit width, depth and rise can be designed to maximise audience sightlines and seating capacity. The raked, tiered seating systems come with a 10 year warranty as standard, which backed up with our comprehensive maintenance packages will allow our seating to become a fixture in your facility for years to come.

Download Seatway TP Retractable Platform product sheet for further information

TP Platforms

The welded construction of the retractable platforms not only contribute to the increased rigidity of the system, but will also reduce ongoing servicing costs. The platforms feature a powder coated finish and are available in a variety of rises and depths, see data sheet for further information.

telescopic system adjustable cantilevers

Adjustable Cantilevers

The understructure of the TP retractable system features adjustable cantilevers as standard. This feature allows each platform to be adjusted to compensate for any deviances in the floor ensuring operational clearances are kept to a minimum. This results in the tiered seating platforms having a rigid, stable structure with a fluid and quiet operation.

retractable platform alignment frame

Alignment Frames

All Hussey Seatway retractable seating units are fitted with parallel alignment frames to ensure accurate and efficient operation of the systems. The frames are constructed from steel components ensuring longevity and reliability.


Custom Features

double row depth retractable platform

Double depth platform

vomitory over retractable configurable unit


flex row on bleacher seating system

Flex row

Side Rails

removable rails telescopic seating platforms


self storing rails for retractable platforms

Self storing

folding side rails for retractable platforms


Side Drapes and Panels

side drapes for telescopic seating


side panels for retractable seating


retractable telescopic bleacher seating

Fascia Panels

fascia panels foldaway seating retractable seating systems

Integral Fascia Panels

aisle infill panels foldaway seating for retractable systems

Removable Aisle Infill Panels

retractable telescopic seating

Aisle Lights

glow strips for retractable theatre seating

Eco Glo

aisle lights for retractable auditorium seating

LED Aisle Lights

retractable telescopic bleacher seating

Chair Accessories

telescopic seating with writing tablets for lecture seating systems

Writing Tablets

retractable chairs with cupholders

Cup Holders

retractable seating options


Courtside polymer bench telescopic seating for configurable systems or retractable


An ergonomically designed polymer bench ideal for sports facilities.

Sports bench for telescopic seating or retractable systems

Sports Bench

A fully upholstered bench and backrest that compactly folds away on retractable platforms.

Club bench seating for retractable seating systems also telescopic and bleacher

Club Bench

A premium sized upholstered bench and backrest that allows for flexible seating arrangements.

Metro chair for collapsable telescopic bleacher or retractable seating systems

Metro Chair

A comfortable and robust polymer chair that is designed for used on retractable platforms and fixed tiers.

Integra chair used on telescopic retractable configurable seating system


A highly versatile and comfortable chair that is particularly popular in demanding educational environments.

Decra chair for telescopic bleacher or retractable seating systems

Decra Chair

The Decra is a high specification, executive level chair that provides correct posture and excellent levels of comfort.

Gallery 2 chair retractable telescopic bleacher seating systems needing collapsable

Gallery 3

A traditional fully upholstered chair featuring a slim closed profile at a competitive price.

Gallery Extra chair for retractable seating system or telescopic bleacher with configurable

Gallery Extra

A luxurious version of our standard Gallery chair which is available on increased row rises.

Arts chair for retractable seating system or telescopic bleacher with configurable

Arts PC

The Arts is a premium auditorium chair that offers unrivalled comfort on retractable platforms.

Quattro chair for retractable seating system or telescopic bleacher with configurable collapsable


This popular chair features a timeless design that can be adapted to fit almost any auditorium layout.

Twin Seat chair for retractable telescopic bleacher seating system with configurable collapsable

Twin Seat

This custom chair features a two seat module, it is available with numerous add-ons which enhance the appeal.




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