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Steve Smith

January 10, 2019 2:38 pm Published by

Steve Smith previously worked for a competitor for 22 years.  He spent those years as follows:

5 years engineering telescopic platforms and custom auditorium seating solutions.

2 years sales engineering, producing layout drawings and feasibility studies for both telescopic structures and chair layouts.

Then 15 years as an R&D Engineer working on refining and improving the telescopic system along with bringing new chair and bench products to market.

Steve is using his knowledge of the industry to help bring new ideas to Hussey Seatway.  He also wants to broaden his own experiences in other elements of engineering.

Outside of the world of seating, he loves spending time travelling and exploring new places with his wife, spending quality time with his family, tinkering with old classic Italian cars and pretending he can still ride a mountain bike.

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