Bideford College


The requirement at Bideford College was for three different areas to be fitted with foldaway bleacher seating.  These areas are the main hall, sports hall and drama theatre.

After a rigorous selection process, Hussey Seatway was chosen to design, manufacture and install the required retractable seating systems.



Seatway TP platform systems with accompanying Integra chairs were chosen in both the main hall and drama theatre.  They were chosen due to the high specification finish, comfort and durability of the product.  In the sports hall, a 360-seat Maxam bleacher was installed with Courtside benches.  This retracts into a recess pocket when the seating is not required.  Therefore providing an essential multi-use space.

The completed building features state of the art facilities.  The Hussey Seatway seating products that have been installed are key in the successful delivery of the college’s plans.



Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Centura



“The finished seating systems have been well received by the College and are considered to be very functional, and dependable. Operationally they are easy to extend and retract. With three different systems installed, the seating units have provided versatility to the college.  In the main hall for cultural, arts and community events through the sports hall and the science theatres for ease of operational change round and event options.  The service and systems provided to Bideford College through Hussey Seatway have proved to be excellent from the inception to operation”.

Mike Newby
New College Coordinator