BIM Objects

At Hussey Seatway we are committed to helping our customers achieve Level 2 BIM maturity.  This is set out in the government’s BIM strategy.

To help with the specification of retractable seating at the early stages of a project, we provide a range of standard BIM models reflecting our product range. These highly configurable Revit families allow for adjustment of all of the main variables of the product.  This therefore allows users to explore which options and layouts are suitable for the space in question.  It also identifies the seating capacity achievable.

So, these models, while light-weight, are visually and dimensionally accurate. They closely depict the finished product.  They form a reliable part of the overall building model.

Hussey Seatway have invested heavily in our in-house BIM capability.  Therefore, we can create quality standard content for architects and are able to offer a full BIM service for all.

Please contact us to obtain free Revit files for our Retractable Seating products.