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Expanding our 3D modelling capabilities

June 26, 2015 4:09 pm Published by


Our engineering team have been furthering their Autodesk 3D modelling capabilities. They are working on the development of an automated engineering system.

Once fully functional, the automated system will not only offer efficiencies but enhanced capabilities.  These include in-depth diagnostics to resolve conflicts before construction, FEA (finite element analysis) allowing stress calculations to be reviewed, fully rendered design solutions and dynamic simulations showing operation. R&D will be enhanced through the ability to fully evaluate designs before they are built.

The system will also be able to generate all project documentation.  This includes manufacturing fabrication drawings, bill of materials, full outputs, parts list, sales drawings, floor loading diagrams etc. Therefore, this will mean up to 95% of our processes will be able to be automated.

As we continue to move forward with 3D modelling, BIM will also become an integrated part of the design process by offering the ability to communicate ideas with integrated visualization tools.

We are excited to be further developing our design aptitude and expertise.

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This post was written by Andrea Mittelmeier