Hussey Seatway 3D Configurator

Hussey Seatway 3D configurator

May 16, 2019 1:37 pm Published by

We are now providing a service which we call our 3D Configurator to all dealers and clients.  This is a bespoke CAD based program specifically designed for our products. 

3D images of the proposed installation

By completing parameters in the program, we can quickly present a 3D image of the proposed installation.  The 3D configurator eliminates any human error, highlights any design problems and assists with installation information.

This helps us to design bespoke elements and visualise them for the dealer/customer for their approval.

Excellent Design Features

Another fantastic feature of the 3D Configurator is the ability to highlight any potential clashes in the mechanism before the production phase.  

It can also identify the strength of the component parts by calculating a stress analysis.

We can use this on almost all of our chair types (all except Arts) and can also add accessories, railings, fascia too. 

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