Logix Removable Seating

Logix flat floor seating allows any choice of Hussey Seatway chair to be arranged in formatted rows on the floor.  The Logix system is lightweight, robust and easy to set.  Ideal for arenas and multipurpose facilities that require flexible seating arrangements.  The automatic tipping mechanism of the seat leads to a narrower folded envelope than a conventional stacking chair.  Therefore, capacity can be maximised.  The system is quick and easy to set up with floor bars laid directly on the floor surface and no need for fixings.  Gangs of up to four chairs are then inserted into the floor bars.  Once in place seats are held firmly in position so the potential row ‘snaking’ is eliminated.   After use, the system can be quickly demounted and stored onto lightweight storage trolleys or stillages.

Download our Logix Specification Sheet