Making Waves Academy

Project Overview

We are delighted to highlight the new installation completed at Making Waves Academy in California. 

We provided an 8-row Seatway TP platform system with 124 Gallery 3 chairs allowing their venue to be used as truly multi-purpose space.


The installation featured a number of nice features integral folding side rails, maple finished fascia panels to provide a neat appearance when closed and an extended rear row to allow the use of a control desk.  This installation also featured our new LED aisle lights, therefore, making it once of the first to display it. 

The seating is located in the new theatre for their High School drama department.  Hussey Seatway was chosen by the architect as there were limited vendors who could provide the seating that they required. 

As a company producing telescopic seating for performing arts venues, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the experience for both the audience and performers. We have recently developed a new LED aisle light solution that discreetly projects the light down onto the tread below. This ensures that the performers are not dazzled by bold stripes of lights typically associated with front-facing products, providing additional comfort.  In addition, visibility for the audience when walking up and down the aisles is also vastly improved.  These aisle lights, specifically designed for the Seatway TP theatre quality platform can be easily linked to the theatre control system and are available in a multitude of colours.

Product Type

Platform:  Seatway TP

Seats:  Centura



Theatre Consultant:  The Shalleck Collaborative