Maximise both indoor audience seating and gymnasium floor space with Maxam telescopic bleachers. This range of retractable platform is a popular seating choice for sports facilities and school halls due to its combination of durability, ease of operation and low capital cost. The bleacher seating system is available in a variety of widths, row rises and row depths.  This meets the seating requirements for a multitude of applications.

Featuring a traditional bolted together platform construction; the smooth and efficient retractable operation enables the raked seating platforms to be deployed within seconds, making it the perfect school hall seating choice. All supporting columns are fitted with a robust automatic row to row locking system which is featured as standard on both manually and electronically operated tiered seating units.

Need to move beyond wall attached bleacher seating? Add Maxam mobile, freestanding or travelling retractable seating units to enhance your telescopic seating plan.

Download our Maxam Telescopic Platform Product Sheet