Øvre Eiker Kommune, Norway


Øvre Eiker is situated in the Eastern part of Norway and the area is well known as a cultural hub hosting a variety of activities, from popular community initiatives to professional art and culture events. The Øvre Eiker municipality buildings and library offer a multi-functional campus hosting seminars, workshops and presentations, events for local schools, community outreach, arts & culture activities and events in support of the local world-class business community. The municipality required a high-specification, multipurpose seating system with a contemporary aesthetic.



Working closely with our local dealers Videvox, we successfully secured the contract despite an exceptionally competitive tender process. Hussey Seatway engineered a seating solution that provided 120 seat places over eight-tiered retractable platforms. The retractable seating system is power operated and features removable rails, LED aisle lights, row letters and seat numbers. High specification Gallery Extra chairs with timber arms give the finished seating solution an appealing, contemporary look and the chairs are arranged in a distinctive colour pattern to complement the aesthetics.



Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Gallery Extra