Seating Refurbishments & Upgrades

Providing you with incredible seating is just the start of your relationships with us. We are here to help you maintain your seating for years to come with our seating refurbishment services and seating upgrades. When you work with Hussey Seatway you get a fantastic seating solution tailored to your needs, and we want that outstanding and unique seating to offer its myriad of benefits for a long time. With our seating refurbishment offerings, this is not a problem.

We can reupholster or replace existing chairs and benches, re-carpet your platforms and fit replacement trim and fascias, all of which will visibly enhance the appearance of your current seating system. We offer all this and much more as part of our refurbishment services – explore the full range of seating refurbishment services in our brochure.

We don’t just offer refurbishments to keep your seating in top shape, we also offer upgrades. Due to the long life of your Hussey Seatway system, there may be times you want to update your seating to accommodate your venue’s needs and technology changes. Hussey Seatway can help you keep your system up to date and revitalize it. Our range of options is explored more fully in the brochure below along with our refurbishment services. 

For all refurbishment and upgrade enquiries please contact our service team directly by email on

Please download our brochure by click on the image below.