Retractable Seating for multi use space

Retractable seating for multi-use spaces

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As space becomes a premium, particularly in performing arts, educational and sports venues it becomes essential to look into ways that you can utilise the space that you do have.  Turning a room into a multi-use space can help you with that providing you with a theatre in your assembly hall or seating in your sports hall.

Why Hussey Seatway?

Choose Hussey Seatway for your retractable seating installations, we are an established team of seating experts with a combined experience of over 300 years in the seating industry.  Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of retractable (also known as telescopic or tiered) seating.

Our reputation has been built on high-quality products and exceptional levels of customer service. Every project undertaken is custom designed to maximize the capacity and functionality of each space.

Seatway TP retractable platform

The high quality of our pioneering spaceframe concept of the Seatway TP system features a fully welded platform structure, developed and manufactured in the UK.

The Seatway TP is ideally suited to theatres, performing arts venues, TV studios, private schools, corporate and conference facilities, places of worship and government buildings.  With an enhanced audience experience due to quieter, firm theatre quality platforms and a high level of fit and finish throughout, the Seatway TP is in a league of its own.  State of the art electronic controls and a dedicated research and development team means that we are always available to offer you cutting edge technology. 

So, how do you make the most of your space?  One of our specialist team will guide you through a series of recommendations taking into account everything that we can do to provide you with the maximum amount of seating for the minimum amount of effort.  This can include standard retractable seating, wing units, tapered units, vomitories, electronic partial opening, double depth rows and complimenting fixed flat floor and portable seating. 

Wide choice of seats for your retractable seating unit

With a wide choice of benches and seats to complement your venue and your requirements, we can recommend what would work best in your location and provide you with lots of visuals and testimonials to confirm that our clients think we are the best.

Find out more by viewing our website and enter your details through our enquiry button if you would like more information.

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