Royal Guard of Oman

Project overview

The project is the Al Amana Camp for the Royal Guard of Oman. This is an accommodation complex for the special guard for his highness Sultan Qaboos of Oman. Within the large accommodation complex, there was a requirement for a multi-purpose hall that can be used as both a sports facility and as an auditorium.

Their request was to be able to use the same space for both a sports application and as an auditorium application. In terms of seating capacity, their expectations were to have a sports layout with a seating capacity for more than 500 people and an auditorium seating capacity for more than 400 people. Considering the facility will be used by officers, they were also looking for a high-quality system with an upscale finish.


Our dealers, MBM, won the bid because they met all the technical requirements that they had for this project. The combination of technical expertise provided by Hussey Seatway and MBM to the client gave them the confidence to move forward with our proposed solution.

The ability to propose a layout that combined 5 platforms with partial opening options was an additional confidence booster to the client.

These 5 platforms provided a total seating capacity of 874 seats. For 2 of the platforms, the systems had an option for partial opening to allow for the different layout requirements. In terms of layouts, we managed to exceed the requirements of the client in both cases by reaching a capacity of 450 in the Auditorium setup and a capacity of 544 for the sports setup.


Dealer:   Mediterranean Building Materials (MBM)                            

Architect: Larsen A&CE

Additional Furniture:  Al Jassar Furnishing                                                      


Platform:  Seatway TP                                          

Seats:  Centura