Royal Holloway University


The University was looking to redevelop the building to create an inspirational, multi-purpose venue where theatre professionals, students, scholars and alumni could collaborate to make new work. Key to their vision was the inclusion of a retractable seating system and found a product from Hussey Seatway that was the perfect fit.



Hussey Seatway are renowned for developing custom seating systems to meet customers unique needs and this project was certainly no exception. Utilising an existing design, a double depth retractable seating system was supplied allowing two rows of the chair to be accommodated on each platform, therefore, doubling the seating capacity within the limited height of the space. The platforms featured a partial opening device that enabled the end user to select each row to be set at ‘double or ‘single depth’ offering a multitude of seating arrangements. The new Decra chair was chosen with polished outer wood panels and powder coated silver castings creating, a modern executive look to the chair. Scribe writing tablets were fitted for each seat place providing a writing ledge for students when lectures were taking place, the tablets can simply be folded away underneath the chair when not required for performance events.



Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Decra