Seatway TP

Seatway TP is a premium, high performance, retractable (telescopic) seating system that is custom-engineered to suit specific spaces and design concepts leading to flexible seating configurations. Seatway TP retractable platforms have been developed in the UK.   Specifically for use in facilities such as performing arts centres, theatres and school auditoriums where a more solid feel to the structure is required and where full theatre folding chairs need to be installed.

The innovative spaceframe concept behind the TP retractable system features a fully welded platform structure rather than a set of bolted together components. The product is manufactured in the UK and has become the international acknowledged method for producing high-performance retractable seating systems. All telescopic platforms are manufactured to order therefore unit width, depth and rise can be designed to maximise audience sightlines and seating capacity. The raked, tiered seating systems come with a 10-year warranty as standard, which backed up with our comprehensive maintenance packages will allow our seating to become a fixture in your facility for years to come.

Download our Seatway TP Metric Specification Sheet

Download our Seatway TP Imperial Specification Sheet