Retractable, Auditorium and Bleacher Seating

Hussey Seatway sets the standard for audience seating solutions.

Whether you need school hall seating or sports facility seating, bespoke theatre seating or convention centre seating, Hussey Seatway can develop a custom-engineered solution. If you are in the market for telescopic or retractable seating, fixed auditorium seating, telescopic bleachers or portable modular stages – we can meet your needs.

We have a solution for all your seating requirements. Our rollaway seating and portable seating have proven very popular for those that need to free up seating space for alternative events. Regardless of your requirement, we can deliver a comfortable, and stylish solution tailored to your needs. We’re equally able to deliver amazing results regardless of whether you want fixed lecture hall seats or are looking for retractable bleacher seating.

Our industry-leading highest-quality platform, the Seatway TP, is the luxury option for your venue, we also offer the Maxam platform. 

No matter the seating type used in your project, you can rely on Hussey Seatway to provide seating which is equal parts durable and comfortable all without sacrificing style. Below you can see our seating solutions sorted by category choose which you think best meets your needs and see what we can offer.