The Deanery Academy

Project overview

BAM construction tendered for the Swindon batch of schools and put out a consultation for seating in both The Deanery and Great Western Academy.  Great Western Academy completed first; Hussey Seatway provided retractable bench seating for them. For this installation at The Deanery, they specifically required seating for three separate areas.  The unit in the main theatre is 3 tapered banks; when opened this creates one angled bank of seating.  This provided them with the most available seating for their space, the tapered solution was designed to fit an unusual shaped room.SolutionIn the main theatre, we provided our theatre quality Seatway TP retractable platforms, with 442 Centura seats. In their lecture theatre, Stage Solutions provided 9 rows of fixed tiers and we provided 106 Centura seats.

The third location is a sports hall with a viewing gallery where we installed 84 fixed Centura seats. 

Hussey Seatway won these contracts based on our understanding of the needs of the shape of the main theatre.  Our design allows for the best possible sightlines, with the maximum amount of seats.  We offered a consistent solution throughout all the spaces, which works brilliantly. 

We also have a very good professional relationship with BAM, flexible engineered solutions and are competitively priced.


Product Type                    

Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Centura



Construction Company: Bam Construction Company

Architect: AHR

Fixed Tiers: Stage Solutions