The Grammar School at Leeds


The Grammar School at Leeds had a very old Hussey Seatway system (20 years+) with Sentinal chairs.  The structure of the platforms was still in perfect condition however the chairs themselves were starting to look dated.  We were engaged to remove the current chairs from the telescopic seating and balcony, remove the carpet and replace both.


Hussey Seatway replaced the carpet on the treads and all 420 chairs to Centura (336 retractable seats and 84 fixed seats on the balcony).  It was a like for like refurbishment, so did not provide the school with more seating but it did rejuvenate the whole look of the installation.  We also replaced the aluminium trim on all aisle steps and on the full length of row 1.  Their choice of a silver trim with charcoal carpet looks stunning. 


Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Centura