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They say never work with animals …

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When you think of retractable seating you probably think of an education venue, or maybe a theatre or performing arts location.  But we have provided seating in some very unusual spaces.

Edinburgh Zoo, Monkey House (Budongo Primate Centre), UK

The Budongo Primate Centre is currently home to a group of 15 chimpanzees made up of Louis, David, Qafzeh, Liberius, Lucy, Kilimi, Rene, Paul, Frek, Sophie, Lianne, Heleen, Eva, Edith and Velu.

The group includes some Western chimpanzees which are very important to the captive breeding programme.

Hussey Seatway service staff love attending this venue as the chimps often settle down at the windows and watch the team hard at work.

For more information about the primate centre visit their website. 


Penguin Parade, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

A highly geometric visitor centre designed by Terroir has opened at Phillip Island’s famed Penguin Parade.

The Penguin Parade sits inside the Phillip Island Important Bird Area, which supports up to 32,000 Little Penguins. The “parade” refers specifically to the penguins’ daily commute from the sea, up the beach to their burrows. More than 4,000 penguins are thought to burrow on Summerland Bay Beach.

The new centre features visitor facilities, including retail and hospitality spaces and a theatre and interpretation space, in addition to a science centre.

6 of our Seatway TP platforms and Discovery Benches to sit 110 people have been installed. 

For more information see their website.


Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders, Carshalton, UK

Diamond provides therapeutic riding and carriage driving for children and adults with disabilities.

As part of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), The Diamond Centre exists to provide disabled people with the opportunity to ride, carriage drive or vault at the level of their ability to benefit their health and well being.

We provided seating for spectators.  Find out more about them here.


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