Trinity School, Atlanta, USA

Project overview

Trinity School is an independent, coeducational school for preschool and elementary-age children in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Founded in 1951 by Trinity Presbyterian Church and grounded in the ethical framework of the Christian faith and its Jewish heritage, Trinity accepts children of diverse backgrounds and provides experiences that foster mutual respect, trust, and cooperation among students, faculty, and parents.  The mission of Trinity School is to create a community of learners in which each child can acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve his or her unique potential and become a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the expanding global community.  They currently have 684 students and over 100 staff.

They had an old Hussey Maxam system in place already and originally were considering refurbishing that platform.



David Black from Hussey Seatway and Mark Stemple from SSE, met with Reginald Haley – Director of Operations, from Trinity School in Boston and showed them some similar installations that Hussey Seatway had completed.  From this visit they were very impressed and made the decision to place a completely new order of the Hussey Seatway Club Bench and Backrest to seat 604 pupils, using Camira Main Line Flax upholstery fabric and Seatway TP Platforms.

The installation at Trinity is the tallest unit we have ever completed in the USA, using 18 platforms and providing them with 19 rows of chairs.


Testimonial (Reginald Haley, Director of Operations, Trinity School Atlanta)

“We were interested in transforming our gym into a premier performance space. This included an updated sound system, lighting, paint, and acoustics. The Hussey Seatway system was the “cherry on top”. The seating has become the focus of the space. The bench option gave us the maximum seating opportunity in the space. The unit is very comfortable, well-constructed, sleek and modern. Hussey’s custom seating is great for a quick set up, it’s user-friendly and provides several features you just can’t find in the market. Our parents rave about the quality, comfort and custom finishes. The aisles are well lit, there’s plenty of legroom and the bench and backrest are very comfortable. We’re proud of the newly remodeled space and The Hussey Seatway system truly provides a theatre experience.”



Dealer:  SSE & Associates, Inc.

Platform:  Seatway TP – 18 Platforms

Seats:  Club Bench & Backrest