Trinity School


After a detailed lengthy selection phase, Hussey Seatway were chosen to design, manufacture and install a telescopic seating unit that integrated fully within the existing building at Trinity School. The key issue we faced was the limited height of the existing hall. Using our TP retractable platforms we developed a double row depth system that enabled two seating rows to be installed on every platform, which essentially enabled the tiered audience capacity of the system to be doubled within the space. The design also incorporated a unique locking feature that allowed the platforms to be set at single depth rather than double depth when hosting smaller events.


The seating system is a key feature of the new theatre accommodating 378 Gallery chairs on retractable platforms and 84 fixed Gallery chairs on the balcony. The space is used by both the school and outside parties for performances, concerts and events.  



Platform: Seatway TP

Seats: Gallery 2