University of Bath


Build a seating system for the University of Bath which was a flexible and durable bleacher seating system that would meet the venues changing audience requirements.


Over a two-phase period, Hussey Seatway successfully installed 1800 Courtside bench seats on Maxam retractable platforms. The bleacher seating units were fitted with integral movement system that enables the customer to move and deploy the seating units at any location in the hall to meet the requirements of a range of different events. When the seating is not required the units can be easily moved into a storage area to allow the full floor space of the hall to be utilised. The Courtside benches that have been installed on the Maxam platforms are perfect for sporting environments, as they are both hard wearing and economical. Additionally, the courtside benches were supplied in different colours to incorporate the “Team Bath” logo.


Platform: Maxam

Seats: Courtside